Nowhere to Hide

Based on the most comprehensive dataset of confirmed chemical weapons attacks in Syria to date, this report investigates the scale, pervasiveness and strategic logic that underpins the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict.

By Tobias Schneider and Theresa Lütkefend, April 2020


The Syrian Regime’s Approach to Chemical Warfare
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The Logic

The Syrian Chemical Weapons Complex
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The Rationale

The Strategic Terror of Chemical Weapons
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Further Research

Building on our dataset, we offer analyses on specific aspects of the Syrian conflict related to chemical warfare, including the long-term impact of chemical weapons on women, communities and social cohesion, the evolution and role of the Syrian air force throughout the conflict, and a typology of chemical munitions used since 2011.

The Last Straw

How Chemical Weapons Impact Women and Break Communities

Assad’s Long Reach

The Syrian Arab Air Force at War

Munitions Typology

Chemical Weapons Deployed in the Syrian War