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We would like to thank the GPPi team and all those who have contributed to this project over the years. A special thanks to Wafa Mustafa, Philipp Rotmann, Luke O’Brien, Dania Abu Sharkh, Judith Carnaby, Esther Yi, Stephanie Le Lièvre, Joel Sandhu, Leonard Lorenz, Origin Berlin, and Molly Crabapple.

The Nowhere to Hide podcast would not have been possible without Eliza Apperly (scripting, production and overall project management) and Benjamin Nash (composition and sound design).

Moreover, we gratefully acknowledge generous financial support from the Government of Canada, the German Federal Foreign Office, the Robert Bosch Foundation, and the Ghazi and Badrieh Foundation, without which our work would not be possible.

Finally, we are indebted to our friends and partners. We are especially thankful for the support we received from our partners at the Syrian Network for Human Rights, who continuously provide us with exceptional information, as well as to Hadi Al-Khatib and the Syrian Archive for supporting our open-source research and evidence preservation efforts. Further thanks goes to the Syrian American Medical Society, Mayday Rescue and the White Helmets, the Violations Documentation Center as well as Human Rights Watch, Hala Systems, Bellingcat, and many others for their support of our data collection work, this website and other forthcoming efforts.

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  • All illustrations for Nowhere to Hide were produced by Judith Carnaby.
  • Illustrations for The Last Straw were produced by Molly Crabapple.
  • All illustrations for Munitions Typology were produced by Judith Carnaby.
  • All illustrations for the Nowhere to Hide podcast were produced by Molly Crabapple.


  • View from a destroyed building: Antonio Bolfo/Getty Images
  • Man collects samples from the site of a suspected chemical attack: Omar Haj Kadour/AFP via Getty Images
  • Smoke ascends over the city of Daraya: Fadi Dirani/AFP via Getty Images
  • Syrian government forces listen to Colonel Suheil al-Hassan (R), known as the Tiger: George Ourfalian/AFP via Getty Images
  • Syrian man receives medical treatment after a chemical attack in East Ghouta: Ammar Suleyman/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
  • Man walks among severely damaged buildings in downtown Homs, Syria: Pan Chaoyue/Xinhua
  • A damaged Syrian Mi-24 helicopter sits in a field at Taftanaz Air Base: Bryan Denton
  • Syrian rebel fighters inspect a damaged Mi-24 helicopter at Taftanaz Air Base: Bryan Dention
  • A damaged Syrian Mi-24 helicopter and scattered ammunition boxes can be seen at Taftanaz Air Base: Bryan Denton
  • An aerial bomb lays near a damanged Mi-8 helicopter at Taftanaz Air Base: Bryan Denton
  • Regime control spatial data modelled after Ermanarich, CC BY-SA 4.0: Wikimedia Commons
  • Technical experts recover parts of a chlorine barrel bomb: The White Helmets